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Q: Who is the all time leading scored in big east woman's college basketball?
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What was added to the game of basketball in 1916?

womans basketball was added

What size is a womans basketball?

A women's basketball is 28.5 cm in diameter

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Womans basketball and tennis

What sports does Wilberforce University have?

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Horace Mann

Which NCAA Division 1 womans basketball team has the most all-time wins?


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Slovakia beat Croatia...... 82-0. this was for The European Olympic Pre-Qualifying event. Obviously we won't be seeing Crotia in the Olympics!!!!!

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What is the Invisible Womans Weaknesses?


How big is a regulation size womans basketball?

Their regulation size ball is 28.5 inches. Their ball is one inch smaller than the mens' ball. The size decreases as age goes down.

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