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maple leafs.

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Q: Who is the Toronto hockey eam?
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When was Toronto Professional Hockey Club created?

Toronto Professional Hockey Club was created in 1906.

What is toronto's hockey team name?

Toronto maple leafs

Where did terry meet his hockey idol?

he met his hockey idol in toronto

What is Toronto's ice hockey team called?

The Toronto Maple Laughs, or The Toronto Make Believes

How many hockey halls of fame are there in Canada?

one in Toronto...... i think in Toronto

Where did Terry Fox meet his hockey idol?

he met his hockey idol in toronto

Does hockey have a hall of fame and where is it?

Hockey does have a hall of fame and it is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is the most popular sport in Toronto?


What city is the hockey capital of the world?


When was hockey brought to Toronto?

in the 1800's

What is a Toronto Maple Leaf?

The maple leaf is a national symbol of Canada. Toronto has chosen it as the name of their NHL professional hockey team. Hence, a Toronto Maple Leaf is a hockey player.

What is a better hockey team the devils or the Toronto maple leafs?

Toronto Maple Leafs

What is the main sports in Toronto Canada?

The main sport in Toronto, Canada is hockey. Toronto, along with the rest of Canada, cherishes the sport of hockey. Moreover, basketball is also played and watched in Toronto, as they have the local Toronto Raptors, an NBA team, to watch and root for.

Richest hockey team?

the Toronto maple leafs

What Lady Gaga's favourite hockey team?


The captain of toronto's NHL hockey is the?

Dion phaneuf

When was the last time Toronto was in the playoffs for hockey?


What type of sport are the Toronto Maple Leafs involved in?

The sport of many teams is hockey and the Toronto area have a hockey team they call Toronto Maple Leafs. The team have activity in Canadian national league.

What are some roller hockey leagues in Toronto?

Durham Region Inline Hockey plays out of Oshawa

What is jb favorite hockey team?

I think his favorite hockey team is the toronto Maple Leafs

What sport do the Toronto Maple Leafs play?

The Toronto Maple Leafs play ice hockey in the NHL. (National Hockey League)This league is only in North America.

How many sports teams in Toronto?

Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football League)Toronto Blue Jays (Major League Baseball)Toronto FC (Major League Soccer)Toronto (USL Pro)Toronto Maple Leafs (National Hockey League)Toronto Marlies (American Hockey League)Toronto Raptors (National Basketball Association)Toronto Rock (National Lacrosse League)

What year was Toronto made an NHL Hockey Team?


Where was floor-hockey invented?

i think in Toronto by Sam Jacks

Is Steve Yzerman in the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame?

Not yet, but he will be.