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Q: Who is the Most profitable franchise ever?
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What is the most profitable KFC franchise worldwide?

The most profitable KFC franchise in the world is in Trinidad and Tobago.

What is the most profitable sports franchise?

manchaster united

What is the most profitable sports franchise in world?

Manchester United

What is the most profitable movie ever?


Who is the most profitable recording artist ever?


Can undertaker keep his winning streak alive?

depends on what the producers of the prowrestling franchise think is most profitable.

What is the most profitable sport in the world?

According to, the most profitable sport in the world is American Football (College and Professional) respectively. The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL with a net worth of about $1.4 Billion.

When your profitable franchise fails simply because other franchisees have failed this is known as the?

Royalty rate

How profitable are McDonald's franchises?

They are very profitable. 98% of mcdonalds do very well. Correction: McDonalds is a big company and it is very profitable because they want to expand Many franchise owners, but not all, have become millionaires.

Is quiznos a profitable franchise to buy?

While Quiznos has been ranked on Franchise Magazine's '500 Franchises' list multiple times, they are generally considered to be a much less profitable franchise than their primary competitor, Subway. Due to many demanding pre-requisites and an overall lack of support from the corporation, not to mention the lack of recognizability and slipshod advertising, Quiznos is not the ideal franchise to buy.

What major league baseball teams have the most losses ever?

As of August 30, 2007 the team with the most franchise losses is the Philadelphia Phillies who have a franchise record of 8835-10017. Second most losses is the Atlanta Braves whose franchise record is 9681-9704.

Who is the most profitable company?

RIL is the most profitable compnay in india 2011...

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