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Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau

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Q: Who is the Minnesota Twins best baseball player?
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When and where did baseball player Karl Best play?

Karl Best debuted on August 19, 1983, playing for the Seattle Mariners at Kingdome; he played his final game on June 20, 1988, playing for the Minnesota Twins at Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome.

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Karl Best playing at pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in 1988?

Karl Best played in 11 games at pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in 1988, starting in none of them. He played for a total of 36 outs, equivalent to 1.33 9-inning games. He made no putouts, had one assist, and committed no errors, equivalent to 0 errors per 9-inning game. He had no double plays.

What is Jim Thome best known for?

Jim Thome is a Major League Baseball player. He was previously a standout player with the Minnesota Twins, boasting a .402 batting average with over 600 career home runs. His last team was the Baltimore Orioles, and he is currently a free agent.

Which MLB team has best record since 2010 all star break?

Minnesota Twins

Whos the best baseball player?

The best baseball player is Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth

How many season have the Minnesota Twins finished with the best record in baseball?

Through the 2009 season, once, that in 1965 when they went 102-60 and lost the World Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games.

Are the twins a good baseball team?

Yes, they are the best per dollar spent.

Whose the best hockey player?

Sedin twins,kesler,ovechkin and crosby.

Who was the best player in baseball?

Adrian gonzalezis the best baseball player he beats albert pujols by 1%

What were the pitching stats for baseball player Karl Best playing for the Minnesota Twins in 1988?

In 1988, Karl Best pitched in 11 games for the Minnesota Twins, with an ERA of 6. He started 0 games and finished 8, pitching no complete games. He threw no shutouts and recorded no saves, ending up with 0 wins and 0 losses. He pitched a total of 36 outs, facing 59 batters. He gave up 15 hits and 8 earned runs, including 1 home run. He struck out 9 batters and walked 7.

Who is the best high school hockey player in Minnesota history?

John Mayasich

Who is the best Minnesota Vikings player?

probably Adrian Peterson or Percy Harvin

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