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Hall of Famer Robin Yount who played with the Brewers between 1974-1993.

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Through the 2008 season, that is Prince Fielder with 50 home runs in 2007.

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Geoff Jenkins

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Q: Who is the Milwaukee Brewers all-time home run leader with 251 home runs?
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How many home runs did Milwaukee have in 1982?

The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers hit 216 home runs

Which Milwaukee Brewers player led the National League with 50 home runs in 2007?

In 2007, Prince Fielder led the Milwaukee Brewers with 50 home runs.

Is the a stadium in or near Milwaukee?

Miller park. Home of the Brewers.

Where is millar park?

Millar Park is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is the home field for the Milwaukee Brewers.

When do the brewers play?

The Milwaukee Brewers began playing in 1970 and they called Milwaukee County Stadium their home through the 2000 season. In 2001, Miller Park opened and that is currently where the team plays their home games.

Milwaukee Brewers leading home runs 2007?

Prince Fielder with 50.

Who hit a home run in his first at bat for Milwaukee Brewers?

prince fielder

What is the Milwaukee Brewers home team color?

Navy blue accented by gold and white

How many home runs did Hank Aaron hit as Atlanta Brave?

398 with the Milwaukee Braves335 with the Atlanta Braves22 with the Milwaukee Brewers

How many home runs were hit in the Sunday June 11 2011 Milwaukee Brewers game?

On June 11, 2011, there were three home runs hit during the Milwaukee Brewers game. Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks hit home runs for the Brewers and Lance Berkman hit one for the St. Louis Cardinals.