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Rick Stansbury, Miss st

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Q: Who is the Longest tenured sec basketball coach?
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Who is currently the longest tenured SEC coach?

Mark Richt at Georgia....10 years

Who was the first black basketball coach in the SEC?

Nolan Richardson

Who was the first black head coach in SEC basketball history?

Wade Houston at Tennessee in 1989.

How many sec basketball championships has Kentucky won?

how many sec championships has Kentucky won in mens basketball

Who was the First Black SEC Basketball Player?

The first black basketball player in sec was perry Wallace from vanderbilt.

How many SEC Basketball Titles does the University of Kentucky have?

Go to and search under men's basketball. It shows 43 SEC Championships and 25 SEC Tournament Championships.

How many SEC Coach of the Year honors did coach Bryant earn?

Coach Bryant earned 10 SEC Coach of the Year Honors: 1950, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1977, 1979, 1981

Who is the last SEC college basketball team to go undefeated in the SEC?

Kentucky, of course. (The 2002-2003 Cats did it under coach Orlando "Tubby" Smith.) The only other team to do it to date? You guessed it,k Kentucky. (The 1995-1996 national champion Wildcats went through the conference schedule unscathed under coach "Slick Rick" Pitino.)

What was the Longest time spent with no sleep?

1 Month, 45 mins, 39 sec, and 23.7 mili sec.

What coach has the most sec wins?

Bear Bryant

What sec coach has the 2nd most wins?

Steve Spurrier

Which team has the most wins in SEC basketball?


How long is the longest kiss in the world?

32 hr 7 min 14 sec At least that's the longest on record!

Who was the first coach to lead the Florida Gators to the SEC Championship?

Steve spurrier

What SEC coach has won the most divisional titles?

Jose' Reyes, 1989.

What is the longest urination time in the world?

1 min. 34 sec.

Who is sec basketball all time assist leader?

Sean Tuohy

Who was the first African-American coach in the SEC to win a bowl game?

Sylvester Croon

How many SEC Championships has Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team won?


How much money does basketball earn?

Basketball is a rich sport and there are legends that get paid 30+ a season so pretty much $1 a sec

What is the difference between the sec and ncaa basketball tournament?

The SEC is a section of the NCAA. You must win or do well in your league and its tournemant in order to get an invite to March Madness.

How many SEC championships did Vince Dooley win as Head Coach?

6.Dooley was head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs from 1964-1988. Georgia won the SEC championship outright in 1968, 1980, and 1982 and were co-champions in 1966, 1976, and 1981.

How many times did spurrier lose to Alabama as Florida coach?

3 times ... 1992 SEC Championship Game, 1999 regular season, and 1999 SEC Championship Game.

Was bear Bryant the first coach to recruit black players?

No! It was Charlie Bradshaw head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats. They recruited the first black football player of the SEC

How many seconds can you hold the ball while closely guarded in basketball?

5 sec.