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Virender Sehwag

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Q: Who is the Indian cricketer with maximum sixes in test cricket career?
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Who is the Indian cricketer to never been run out in his test career?

Kapil Dev

Who cricketers with maximum sixes in test cricket career?

AC Gilchrist

Heavy weight cricket bat using cricketer?

Vinod Kambli used the heaviest bat in his Cricketing Career

Who is the only Indian batsman to have no ducks in his entire cricket career?

Yashpal Sharma

Who was the first Pakistani cricketer to score a century on his Test debut?

The first Pakistani cricketer to score a century on his debut in Test cricket was Khalid Ibadulla, who scored an innings of 166 against Australia in October 1964. Ibadulla, who had an eighteen-year first class career with Warwickshire, had just two other scores in double figures in a four-match, eight-inning career in Test cricket.

Who has the maximum number of runs in his Test cricket career without scoring a century?

Sri Lankan player called Nuwan Kulesakera

How do you make a career in cricket?

cricket academy's name of delhi

Who is the cricketer without ducks in his whole career?

ducky momo

Does Jack Hobbs still hold the record the highest number of runs scored in a test cricket career?

No , Sachin Tendulkar holds the record of maximum runs in a test career which is over 13000

Which Australian bowler conceded the maximum runs in an innings in his Test career at Kolkata in 2001?

Shane Warne

What is Sanath Jayasuriya most famous for?

Sri Lankan politician Sanath Jayasuriya is internationally known for a career as cricketer. Playing from 1990 to 2011, Jayasuriya is considered an all time great player in the game of cricket, winning an MVP in 1996's Cricket World Cup and is the only player to ever score over 13,000 runs in One Day International events.

Is imran khan Pakistan cricket player turned Politian sunni or shia?

He is a Pathan and there is no link to shia

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