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Dixie Dean for Everton F.C.

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Q: Who is the Englishman who scored 60 goals in one season?
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Who has scored the most goals of the season?

Josef Bican has scored 61 goals in one season

Who has scored the most own goals in a season?

the most own goals scored in one season was a man called Matthew nichols, he scored a total of 24 own goals in one season in 1971.

What is the most goals scored in a season by one player?

Wayne Gretzky scored 92 goals for the Oilers in the 1981-82 season

Who has scored most Premiership goals for Tottenham Hotspur in one season?

The greatest number of goals scored in a season by a Tottenham Hotspur player is 49, scored by Clive Allen in 1986-87. Teddy Sherringham scored the most goals in one ' Premier League ' season in the 1992 - 1993 season, scoring 21 goals.

Who was the last Englishman to score 50 goals in one season?

Steve bull..twice

What was the most goals thierry Henry scored for arsenal in one season?

38 Goals ,03/04 season

Who scored the most goals in one season for Manchester United?

Ruud van nistelroy 44 in for the season Denis Law scored 46 one season.

Who scored most goals for portsmouthfc in 2002-2003 season?

Svetoslav Todorov scored the most goals for Portsmouth, and in Division One that season too. He managed to score 26 goals in the League.

How many goals has Francesco Totti scored in one season?

Francesco Totti scored 26 league goals in the 2006/07 season, 32 in all competitions.

What football team scored the most goals in one season in the premiership?

The most goals scored in a Premiership season is 97, set by Manchester United in 1999/2000.

Most ice hockey goals in 1 season by one player?

The record for goals in one season is Wayne Gretzky. The Great One scored 92 goals in the 82-83 season.

Who has scored the highest number of goals in one season?

Actually accordance to my view pele the great is the only person who has scored highest goal in one season.according to my view he has scored 86 goals in one season keeping world record and messi has scored 83 goals in one season.Thats ithope got ur answer

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