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The English Keeper is currently Joe Hart - Manchester City's number 1

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Q: Who is the England football goalkeeper?
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Who was the first goalkeeper to captain the England Football team?

Englands first 'goalkeeper' soccer captain, was alexander morten who captained england against scotland in 1873

Why is Peter Shilton famous?

ya he is a famous england goalkeeper and a legendary football player.............. so he is famous

What position does Damien Martinez play?

Damien Martinez plays as a goalkeeper for Arsenal Football Club in England.

Who was the goalkeeper for England in 1966?

The famous goalkeeper for England in their 1966 world cup was Gordan Banks.

When was TamΓ‘s HorvΓ‘th - football goalkeeper - born?

Tamás Horváth - football goalkeeper - was born on 1987-06-18.

What is the role of a goalkeeper in football?

The goalkeeper has a very important role in football. The goalkeeper protects the goal in order to keep the other team from scoring a goal. This helps the goalkeeper's team have a better chance of winning.

What was the position of soudi football legend mohammed daei goalkeeper or striker?


What does a goalkeeper do in football or soccer?

simply a goalkeeper prevents the ball from going into the net

Does the goalkeeper count as a subsitute in soccer?

Yes the goalkeeper is counted as the substitute in football.

Who is Chelsea football clubs goalkeeper?

Today the Chelsea goalkeeper is Petr Cech.

Is it allowed in Football to have contact with goalkeeper in the air?

No it is not legal to have any contact with the goalkeeper.

Which famous soccer player wears 25?

Joe Hart, goalkeeper for Manchester City and the England National Football Team

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