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Texie...after the original choreographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Texie Waterman.

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Q: Who is the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader female mascot?
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What is the Dallas Cowboy mascot?


Name of dallas cowboy mascot?


Who was the unofficial mascot of the Dallas Cowboys for more than 40 years?

Cowboy Bill I believe.

How does a cheerleader get eaten by a mascot?

I saw a video clip of a GIANT mascot open its mouth and then the cheerleader jumped in.

What mascot company designed the Dallas Cowboy's Texie costume?

A company called Custom Characters in Burbank, CA.

What is the name of the Dallas stars mascot?

The Dallas Stars don't have a mascot.

What is the mascot and cheerleader?

The mascot is the person who dresses up as the team's symbol (ex: tiger, indian, bear, etc.) The cheerleader is the one who cheers and pumps up the crowd on the sidelines during games and at pep rallies. The mascot is essentially a cheerleader, but doesn't participate in quite as much in competitions and such. 

What is the name of Wyoming Cowboys mascot?

Cowboy Joe is the name of the Wyoming Cowboys mascot.

Who is the Dallas Cowboys' mascot?

== == * Official Mascot of the Dallas Cowboys -- "ROWDY" the cowboy. == == * There was also "Crazy Ray" Jones for years and years. Watch NFL films version of Super Bowl XII of him wiping the sweat off of his face with a Denver Broncos pennant. Crazy Ray was an unofficial mascot for the Dallas Cowboys for many years. He passed away within a year ago. The Cowboys organization held a memorial service in honor of him. It was all over the dallas Cowboys website at the time.

What is the mascot for University of Wyoming?

Cowboy Joe!

What is the mascot for the university of Wyoming?

cowboy joe

What is university of dallas mascot?


What is the New Mexico State University's mascot?

NMSU's mascot is Pistol Pete, a gun-toting cowboy.

What is FC Dallas' Mascot?

Hex Trooper

What is mascot of UT southwestern medical center at dallas?

your mother.

Does Glenridge Middle School have mascot tryouts?

The cheerleader's squad captain or their coach can direct you there!

Who is a person who dresses up and supports a sports fan?

Mascot or cheerleader

Which of the Hannah Montana episode has miley ever teaching Lilly to became a cheerleader in the seaview middle school?

'''Two words''': '''Mascot Love''' ===Mascot Love===

What is The Dallas FC mascot?

His name is Tex Hooper :)

What is the mascot of the dallas mavericks?

Champ. It's a horse

What year did Oklahoma state get a mascot?

Pistol Pete, the Cowboy's mascot, was first introduced in 1958. His horse Bullet was introduced in 1984.

Prior to Dallas accepting their mascot as ROWDY, who was the unofficial mascot for more than 40 yrs?

Crazy Ray

What is Golden West College's mascot?

The mascot for golden west college in Huntington beach California is Rustler Sam... an odd looking cowboy guy

How much does an NFL mascot get paid particularly the Dallas Cowboys mascot Rowdy?

Samir keshvara, auckland, new zealand, beachlands

Who is Pudsey Bear's female mascot?


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