Who is the BEST female swimmer in the Olympics?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Rebecca Adlington

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Q: Who is the BEST female swimmer in the Olympics?
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How tall is the average female swimmer in the Olympics?

5 8

Who was the female swimmer who won the most medals in the 2008 Olympics?

Claire Allen

Who was the female US swimmer to win 3 gold swimming events in 1988?

Janet Evans was the female swimmer from the United States that won three gold medals in 1988 at the Olympics. She was an outstanding athlete in college before the Olympics.

Where does the fastest swimmer swimmer swim in the Olympics?


How do you become a swimmer in the Olympics?

You practice everyday

Is there a swimmer named michaela?

Yes there is a swimmer named michaela but she didn't go to the Olympics or anything.

How old do you have to be to play football in the Olympics?

There is no minimum in soccer. The maximum age is 23.A minimum age does not apply to all sports.For the 2016 Olympics, a Nepalese female swimmer was only 13. For the 2008 Olympics, a female swimmer from Cameroon was only 12.However, Olympics gymnasts must be at least 16, i.e. for the Rio games of 2016, gymnasts must have been born no earlier than January 1, 2001. Similar minimums are age 14 in bobsledding, and age 17 in boxing.

Who is the swimmer from Maine in the 2008 Olympics?

Ian Crocker

Who was the one armed swimmer at the Olympics?

Sharath M. Gayakwad was the one armed swimmer at the Paralympics in London. He is the first Indian swimmer to swim in a Paralympics.

What is the minimum age for olympic swimming events?

There is no minimum age for some sports in the Olympics. A female swimmer from Cameroon was 12 in 2008, and a female swimmer from Nepal was only 13 in 2016. However, for gymnasts the minimum age is 16 (born before January 1, 2001), for bobsledding it is 14, and for boxing, it is 17.

Who was the swimmer that won the most gold in a single Olympics?


How many swimmer participate in summer Olympics in Beijing?

A lot