Who is the 2nd talles goal keeper in epl?

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2011-09-13 18:38:50

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It is Edwin Van der sar.

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2011-09-13 18:38:50
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Q: Who is the 2nd talles goal keeper in epl?
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Who scored the first ever epl goal?

Brian Deane

Who is the current highest goal scorer epl?


Who is the leading goal scorrer in 2010 EPL?

Didier Drogba with 29 goals.

Who is the Leading goal scorers in epl 08-09?

nic anelka on14 goals

Who scored the first goal in EPL 2011-12?

luis suarez 1-1 vs sunderland

Who is the highest goal scorer ever in the English premier league?

Alan Shearer, 260 EPL goals

Who is the highest Goal Scorer in World in this season now?

in epl its RVP ... robin van persie.. and i think in spain its CR7

What are the essential points presenting EPL?

presenting of epl

Who is the best EPL player?

"Cesc Fabregas is the best player in the English Premier League. His passing is unrivaled and he can whip a cross in or beat the keeper from almost anywhere. He is captain of one of the top teams in the EPL (Arsenal) and is an all around great player." obviously a gooner, the best player in the epl this year technically is Rooney followed by drogba, if you are going by statistics, rather than favouritising your own team. personally i would say that the best player all time in the epl was cantona, this ain't coming from a manu fan btw.

When was EPL - journal - created?

EPL - journal - was created in 1986.

When was the Last goal to be scored by a goalkeeper?

by Tim Howard, the Everton goalkeeper. His shot was when he cleared the ball. Everton lost 2-1 to Bolton despite of that amazing goal(the goal was during the EPL game of 2010-2011, sorry if someonne else scrored earlier)

Fastest goal in epl history?

36 seconds - Darren Bent for Sunderland against Tottenham Hotspur (3 April 2010)

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