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It's Usain Bolt of Jamaica. He set the new record for the 200m at the 2008 Olympics.

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Q: Who is the 'fastest sprinter' Maurice Greene or Michael Johnson?
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Can a cheetah run faster than michael johnson?

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal, anc considerably faster than the best human sprinter.

Who is the fastest sprinter?

Usian Bolt is the fastest sprinter in the 100 and 200 meters in recorded history.

What is the fastest 400 m ever ran by a human?

Michael Johnson 43.18

Who holds the second fastest time for 400m after Michael Johnson?

Harry 'Butch' Reynolds

Who is the fastest Asian sprinter?

ramu duttaram

Who is the fastest sprinter in the olympics?

Usain Bolt.

Is Cheryl Elliott the fastest sprinter in Pakistan?

Yes! Cheryl Elliott is the fastest sprinter in Pakistan. She and her team beat 25 other teams in 1994!!!

Who ran the fastest 400m time?

Michael Johnson ran the fastest time of 43 seconds if you were wondering usain bolts fastest time then look for it on the Internet or YouTube

Is Usain Bolt the fastest sprinter in the world?

Yes he is.

Who was the fastest Filipino sprinter in track and field?

plenus bautista

What are tips for fastest sprinter?

run faster than your competitions

What is the fastest time a person can run a 400m?

43.18, set at the 1999 Seville world championships by Michael Johnson.