Who is steven gerrard's favorite footballer?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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zinedine zidane

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Q: Who is steven gerrard's favorite footballer?
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What is steven gerrards favorite band?

rolling stones

What is Steven Gerrards favorite book?

Du Hast Rammstein.

What is Steven gerrards Gmail?

Steven Gerrard is a very famous footballer. He must be having his email ID. But he has not shared it because of spam reason.

Who is gerrards mum?

Gerrards Mum, is none other than the mother (mom-mum-mummy-mommy) of World Class Footballer and Liverpool FC standout Steven Gerrard.

How much is Steven Gerrards' salary in pounds?

Steven Gerrards salary is roughly 1,25,000 pounds a week.

What is Steven Gerrards midde name?

Steven George Gerrard

What coulor is steven Gerrards eyes?


Who is steven gerrards biggest fan?

probably me!

What are the name of steven gerrards mom?


Who is steven gerrards idol?

Daglish , Scholes

What is steven gerrards mobile number?


Who is steven gerrards wife?

Alex Curran