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There is no link between hand preference and intelligence.

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Q: Who is smarter left handers or right handers?
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Are left or right handers smarter?

I doesn't matter which hand you use, it can't show your intelligence.

How does the temporal lobe differ for right handers and left handers?


Do Left handers die before right handers?

On average, yes. If I remember correctly, right-handers tend to live four years longer than left-handers.

Do left handers die earlier than right handers?

in a survey a few years ago it said on average left handers die 7-9 years before right handers

Which hand is more sensitive?

For left handers, it is usually their left hand, and for right handers, it's usually their right hand.

Are left handers really smart?

No, not necessarily. Right handed people are actually smarter than lefties in a recent study by Canadian doctors.

Who writes better left or right?

left handers can

Which side of the brain do left-handers use more than right-handers?

Left-handers use both sides of the brain equally

What are the similarities between dominant and recessive hands?

right-handers are said to be dominant.......while left-handers are recessive. U don't see left handers a lot, do you? (no offense to any left-handers)

What is the purpose of left and right mouse botton?

left: left handers right:right handers u can actually change which side you want to do the clicking on.

On jackals baseball team there are 28 right handed players and 16 left handed players what is the ratio of right handers to left handers on jackals team?

1 to 5

Who is the patron saint of left handers?

There is no patron saint of left handers.

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