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Q: Who is sailing on santa theresa in the black pearl?
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Columbus was sailing on what ship?

The "Santa Maria".

When was Theresa Greene born?

Theresa Greene was born on May 24, 1974, in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

What is the Santa Theresa goat breed being developed in California?

The Santa Theresa goat breed was being developed in California in the 90s. The goat is a mix between the Alpine and LaMancha.

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Was the Nina the best of the three ships at sailing at up wind?

no the santa maria was

What is a good place to take sailing lessons in Santa Monica?

Blue Pacific boating found at offers sailing lessons in Santa Monica. Another option worth looking into is

What are the release dates for Jennifer Day TV - 2011 Santa's Helpers Sailing the Gulf 3-23?

Jennifer Day TV - 2011 Santa's Helpers Sailing the Gulf 3-23 was released on: USA: 8 June 2013

Is Santa balck?

No Santa is not black because the real St. Nick in Germany wasn't black. SAnta isn't real anyway!

Was the santa maria the biggest ship out of all the ships that was sailed when christopher Columbus was sailing?

The answer is..................Yes!

Is Santa black?


What were all the names of the ships at pearl harbor?

The Pinta and the Santa Maria.

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