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Q: Who is penn states rival?
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What is cornells rival?

Traditionally, Cornell's rival is Penn.

Who is Florida states rival?


Peter Minuit founded Delaware William Penn founded Pennsylvania that's why Penn is in the states name?

Pennsylvania means "Penn's woods".

How did Penn Hills get its name?

Penn Hills is a municipality, formerly a township, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States. It gets its name from William Penn.

Who is Ohio state's major football rival My future father in law is a huge Ohio State fan and I just want to buy the proper rival's hat to get under his skin.?

Michigan is Ohio State's Major football rival. Others include Illinois and Penn State.

What is penn states mascot?

Nittany Lion

What is penn states religious affiliation?


Who is Ohio state's major football rival My future father in law is a huge Ohio State fan and I just want to buy the proper rival's hat to get under his skin?

Ohio State's Major Rival is the University of Michigan, dating back to 1897. Second comes Illinois (1925) then Penn State (1913).

Is Penn States Beaver Stadium Grass or turf?


How was the Mayan political state organized?

rival kingdoms or city-states

Who is Ohio States rival?

The University of M*ch*g*n.

Sparta and Athens were rival city-states from what ancient civilization?


What two states did William penn found?

Pennsylvania & Delaware

What states in Africa have a Monarchy type of government?

Madigascar, and penn island

William Penn and Sir George Calvert were the what of Pennsylvania and Maryland?

founders of those states Maryland I'm not so sure but Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn.

Why was William Penn important for Delaware?

William Penn was given land from the King. The land he was given and founded would later become the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Who are Arizona States rival?

I think its mainly Arizona Wildcats and USC Trojans

What were the main differences between the two rival plans for the new constitution?

One of them favored larger states and the other favored all the states

Who was the quarterback on Penn States football national championship in 1982?

Todd Blackledge

What is a nittany...isn't a nittany lion penn states mascott?

Mount Nittany is located very near the Penn State campus and mountain lions used to live there.

What is name of the states Pennsylvania?

It was given to the Colony by King Charles II in honor of the founder's father Admiral Sir William Penn and when translated from the Latin is something like Penn's Woods.

What directly led to internal expansion and new economic?

compettion among rival states

Internet service provider rival of AOL in 1999?

CompuServe was one of the first commercial online services in the United States and was a rival of AOL until AOL took over the company.

Why is William Penn a Founding Father?

William Penn was not a Founding Father as he died nearly a century before the United States was founded. He was a founder of a different kind. He founded the colony (now a state) of Pennsylvania. In fact the name "Pennsylvania" means "Penn's woods".

Who kicked the longest field goal at penn states beaver stadium?

Gary Homer