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Q: Who is Florida states rival?
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Who is Florida State's biggest rival?


Who is the University of Florida's rival in basketball?

The University of Florida's big in-state rival is the Florida State Seminoles. Florida's big in conference rival could be one of three schools: the University of Georgia, the University of Kentucky or the University of Tennessee.

What is the university of Florida's rival school?

Florida State is our instate rival. But we also consider Georgia and Tennessee to be big rivals.

How many states are in Florida?

there are no states in Florida, Florida IS a state and has counties.

What are the states in Florida?

Well Florida is a state there are no states in Florida Florida. is a state.

Who is penn states rival?

Ohio State

What country did the United States purchase from Florida?

The United States purchased NO country or territory from Florida (Florida is part of the United States).

What states are between Georgia and Florida?

There are no states between Georgia and Florida.

How did the United States acquire Florida-?

The United States required Florida from Spain with the Florida Purchase Treaty.

Where is Beacon College?

It is located in Leesburg, Florida, United States.It is located in Leesburg, Florida, United States.It is located in Leesburg, Florida, United States.It is located in Leesburg, Florida, United States.It is located in Leesburg, Florida, United States.It is located in Leesburg, Florida, United States.

What continent is Florida located?

Florida is one of the States in the United States of America.

What are the three largest States in Florida?

Florida is a US State and contains no states.

Which bordering states are next to Florida?

Alabama and Georgia are the states that are bordering Florida.

What states were gained in the Florida cession?


Is Florida locate in northeast in United States?

Florida is located in the southeastern United States.

Who are Miami hurricanes rivals?

The main rival of the Miami hurricanes are the Florida State seminoles. Secondly, the Florida gators which they play for the seminole war canoe

What continent do Florida manatees live?

Florida manatees live in and around Florida. Florida is in the United States. The United States is in the continent of North America.

Who are the University of Miami's sports rivals?

In football, Florida State is Miami's biggest rival. Notre Dame, Florida and more recently, Ohio State, are others.

Which country has Florida?

Florida is in the United States of AmericaFlorida is in the USA.

Where is valrico Florida?

valrico florida is in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States

How did the United States acquire the territory of Florida?

The United States acquired Florida from Spain, while the state was split into East and West Florida.

What state is Florida in?

Florida is state in the United States.

What was the Republic of West Florida?

Florida of the United States

What states share a common border to the State of Florida that are West of the Mississippi River?

The only states that border Florida are Georgia and Alabama. No states west of the Mississippi river border Florida.

How was the Mayan political state organized?

rival kingdoms or city-states

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