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Q: Who is on Iowa basketball roster 2000?
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Who was on the Iowa Hawkeyes 1990 men's basketball team?

90 - 91 hawkeye basketball roster

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

When was Iowa Mr. Basketball created?

Iowa Mr. Basketball was created in 1981.

Who was on the Youngstown pride basketball roster?

they was a pro basketball team

What was the Iowa State basketball team roster 1988?

In the 1988-1989 season, the following players were on the roster: Alexander, Baugh, Mack, Born, Woods, Urquhart, Goodman, Moore, Pearson, Heger, Robinson and Spinks. The team was coached by Johnny Orr.

Who was on the 1996 Iowa Hawkeyes football roster?

To find the 1996 Iowa Hawkeye football roster, see this site:

Who was on the 1968-69 Kentucky basketball roster?

I've Linked you to the Roster. (See related links)

What was the st john's university men's basketball roster in 1988-1989 season?

What was the St. John's University men's basketball roster in 1988-1989 season?

Who was on the roster of the 1991 Iowa Hawkeyes?

the R stands for Riddell

How many spots are on a college basketball roster?

The minimum number of players on a roster is 10(excluding coach)

Who was on the men's basketball roster for the 1989 Iowa Hawkeyes?

Roy Marble and B.J. Armstrong for starters... Les Jepsen, Ed Horton, and I believe Matt Bullard (knee injury)

Who was on University of Miami men's basketball roster?

In what year?

Who was on roster ucla basketball 1965 1966?


What was the roster for the 1975 ucla basketball team?


Who was on the 1992 UK roster in basketball?

Christian Laettner

What was the purdue basketball roster for 1932?

John Wooden

What is a roster in basketball?

A list of the players with name and number.

Are there any sporting teams from Iowa?

they have the Iowa Hawkeyes for football and basketball.

What is Iowa vs Iowa state basketball series record?

iowa 35 iowa state 31

Who was on the roster of the 1960 Iowa Hawkeyes?

alan fischer ...

What is the roster for the 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes football team?

Try this web page:

What professional team does former Iowa hawkeyes qb brad banks play for?

Brad Banks is a quarterback on the roster for the Iowa Barnstormers.

What was the 1995 North Carolina mens basketball roster?


Who was on the 1985 University of Arizona Basketball roster?

bill white

Boston college basketball roster 1988?

Dana Barros