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The number 1o jersey is worn by Wayne Rooney.

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Q: Who is number ten for England in the world cup?
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What number does Steven Gerrard wear for England in 2010 world cup?

he wears number 6 for the England world cup 2010

What are the top ten teams who won a FIFA football world cup?

The top ten teams to win the F.I.F.A world cup are as follows. 1) England ) Italy. 3) France. 4 Brazil. 5) Germany. 6 ) Argentina. 7) Uruguay.

Will there be two FIFA tens FIFA world cup ten FIFA ten?

no 1 fifa10 1 world cup

Who are the Top ten world cup winners?

New Zealand 2, Australia 2, South Africa 2 including 2007 & England 1

How often is the Euro Cup held?

The world cup was held in Europe in ten countries.

Number of cups in ten tablespoons?

0.62 cup 1 cup = 16 tbsp 1 tbsp = 0.06 cup

Is England the richest country in the world?

The UK is far from being the richest country. They barely crack the top ten coming in at number 9.

Who plays number ten in the England football team?

Wayne Rooney

Is the FIFA World Cup 2010 being broadcast on Ten Sports?

No it is on the E.S.p.n.

How many times have England beaten Scotland at football?

In all Scotland have been to 8 World Cup Tornaments. Each time they have gone out in the first round. Their last appearance in a World Cup was back in 1998. In all they have played 23 world cup mathes winning 4 drawing 7 and losing 12.however they have qualified for 9 world cups but withdrew from the 1950 world cup .

How many goals did Spain scored in the 2010 world cup?

Ten goals were scored.

Has steven Gerrard ever worn the number ten jersey for England?

He wore number 8 and now number4.