Who is number 9 for Chelsea?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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No one has claimed Fernando Torres' shirt yet.

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Q: Who is number 9 for Chelsea?
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What is the number of Torres?

Torres is number 9 for Chelsea.

What is Fernando Torres' kit number at Chelsea FC?

He is currently number 9 for Chelsea FC. (2012)

Who wears number 9 on Chelsea?


What number is Fernando Torres when he plays for Chelsea?

number 9.

What is the jersey number of Fernando Torres for Chelsea?

jersey number 9.

What number shirt did Peter Osgood wear in Chelsea?

Number 9

Who weres the number 9 shirt for Chelsea?


Who wears number 9 shirt at Chelsea?

Franco Di Santo has the number 9 shirt, but he is out on loan at Blackburn.

Which Chelsea players have worn the number 9 shirt?

MaTeja kezman

Who had number 9 shirt at Chelsea before Torres?

Lionel Andrés Mess

Who played in number 9 shirt in year 1972 for Chelsea f.c.?


Who wore the number 9 jersey before Torres joined Chelsea?