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Andrei Arshavin is number 23 for Arsenal Football Club.

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Q: What number is Arshavin in arsenal?
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What number will andrei arshavin wear for arsenal?

Andrei Arshavin will wear the number 23 shirt.

Is arshavin on FIFA?

Andrei Arshavin is found on the Left Wing of Arsenal Fc, wearing number 23, in Fifa 10.

Arsenal playmaker andrey arshavin joined the gunners from which club?

Arshavin joined Arsenal from Zenit St. Petersburg.

Did arsenal sign arshavin?


Did andrei arshavin move to arsenal?


When will arshavin debut for arsenal?

against tottenham

Who is arsenal record trasfer?

Andrey Arshavin

Where was Arshavin from which team before Arsenal?


What nationnality is andrey arshavin of arsenal?

He is Russian.

Famous soccer players that have worn the jersey number 15?

It is the Russian Andrey Arshavin at Arsenal.

Who is arsenal highest paid player in 2009?

Van Persie Or Andrey Arshavin.. Proably Arshavin

Who is Arsenal highest paid player?

Andrey Arshavin

The latest player arsenal is bidding for?

Andrew arshavin

Arshavin will play in Arsenal good or bad?


Soccer players with jersey number 23?

It is worn by Andreiy Arshavin, the Russian footballer who plays at Arsenal.

How much was arshavin signed to arsenal fc?

I believe Andrey Arshavin was signed from Zenit St Petersburg for about 17.5million.

Where was the arsenal player Arshavin born?

Leningrad in the Soviet Union.

Who is the highest earner at arsenal football club?

Andrei arshavin is the highest paid Arsenal player.

Who is the most popular player currently in Arsenal?

Andrej arshavin i think

What team is arshavin on in FIFA 09?

Barclay premier league arsenal

Who did Andrei Arshavin play for before arsenal?

Zenit St Petersburg

Who plays fowerd for arsenal?

Chamahk, Van persie sometimes, and Arshavin.

How many goals has Arshavin scored for Arsenal?

He's played 54 games & scored 18 goals for arsenal

Is arshavin joining arsenal?

I say yes...because Arsene Wenger hasn't deny he wants Arshavin at Arsenal...and i feel that Arshavin wants to leave it would be difficult for Zenit to stop him. he also indicates he would buy-out his contract just to leave...and Arsenal are so far the front runners to sign now only depends on the price Arsenal are offering...

In which leaague did andrei arshavin play before epl?

Before playing for Arsenal in the E.P.L Andrei Arshavin was playing in Russia , for St Petersburgh.