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Joe Cole is defiantly better looking then Frank Lampard

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Q: Who is more handsome joe cole or Frank Lampard?
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Who is better david beckam or Frank Lampard?

If based on goals it's definitely Lampard but Beckham is far more skilled than Lampard

Who is better Frank Lampard or steven Gerrard?

Gerrard is more creative than Lampard but Lampard scores goals almost all the time so Lampard's my best bet

Who have more goal in the midfielder?

lionel messi Pervious answer is incorrect. Frank Lampard has more goals.

In terms of achievements and record Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard who has done more?


Is Torres better than lampard?

Yes Fernando Torres is better then Frank Lampard, he is quick on his feet and a tricky player. Lampard scores more from free kicks and penalties. torres is sooooooooooooooooooooooo* invinerty better than frank Fernando Torres is the best

Why are Chelsea fc the best team ever?

they aren't the best... but because of Nicholas Anelka, Drogba, Frank Lampard and Petr Cech and not to forget John Terry, ballack, essien, carvalo, joe cole, Ashley cole, malouda and so much more

Is Steven Gerrard better or Frank Lampard?

Steven Gerrard is more of a dynamic midfielder...lampard isn't, he can only play one position...Gerrard is better

What car does Frank Lampard have?

A ferrari enzo, maserati mc12, alfa romeo brera, dodge viper and loads more

What fathers and sons have won the fa cup?

alex herd Manchester city and david herd Manchester united, frank lampard snr west ham and frank lampard jnr Chelsea, ian wright arsenal and shaun wright Phillips Chelsea. any more?

How many footballers have scored more than 100 goals for one club in the premiership?

They are mainly Paul sholes, Frank Lampard, david tissier.

What is comparative and superlative of handsome?

more handsome and most handsome

What are the comparative and superlative in handsome?

more handsome, most handsome

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