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Q: Who is more famous Queen Elizabeth II or David Beckham?
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Famous people of England?

There have been many famous people who are from England. Some include King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and David Beckham.

Who lives in England that is famous?

David Beckham, Paul McCartney, Michael Caine, Hugh Grant, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, JK Rowling in Scotland.

What is Chingford famous most for?

Chingford UK is home to the famous Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge and the Pole Hill Obelisk. Chingford is also famous for it's notable people such as David Beckham and Winston Churchill.

Who are the famous people in England?

The Queen, David Beckham Quite a few football players Tony Blair Sorry, but Isn't David Beckham in America now?

Famous European people?

Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Napoleon Bonaparte, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Adolf Hitler, Daniel Radcliffe, David Beckham, Homer, Julius Caesar, and Yuri Gagarin are just a few examples.

Name 10 famous people who live in England?

alesha dixon frank lampard didier drogba ashley cole john terry david beckham queen elizabeth brad kavanagh wayne rooney

Name some famous people who live in London?

Kate Middleton, the queen, Ashley cole, david beckham and Matt cardle

Who are famous people from Great Britain?

Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, Alexander Fleming, John Logie Baird, Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, David Beckham, Tim Berners-Lee, Andrew Carnegie.

Who is more famous Queen Elizabeth II or Adele?

Queen Elizabeth II

How was Queen Elizabeth famous?

because she is a queen

Who was famous maiden queen?

Queen Elizabeth I

What is a famous person born in England?

Hundreds of famous people were born in England. Some examples are The Queen, Shakespeare, Churchill, Isaac Newton, Paul McCartney and David Beckham.

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