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vince carter although i must say nate robinson is good but i admit vince carter is better because ppl say tht the revouloution of dunking ends with vince cater i hoped this helped

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โˆ™ 2012-05-23 18:16:45
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Q: Who is more better at dunking vince carter or nate Robinson?
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Who is better at dunking Blake Griffin or Vince Carter?

At his prime Vince Carter but now Blake Griffin

Who is better Vince carter or Paul pierce?

Vince Carter

Who is better T-mac or Vince Carter?

Vince Carter was by far much better than T-Mac. T-Mac was a really good player, but Vince Carter is still a much better player.

Was the comment Vince Carter said about not dunking any more ruined his career?

yes. he was the best but he lost it when he went to the nets

Who is better at basketball courney lee or vince carter?

Courtney lee in the long run, but for now Vince carter.

Who is the better player Ray Allen or Vince Carter?

Then: Carter Now: Allen

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No no no no no no

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Is LeBron James better than Vince Carter in basketball?

Yes, individual and team statistics would support that Lebron James is better than Vince Carter in basketball.

How high can Vince Carter jump?

how does vince carter jump

Who is beter Kevin Garnett or Vince Carter?

Currently most statistics would support the claim that Kevin Garnett is a better player than Vince Carter.

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Vince Carter's birth name is Vincent Lamar Carter.

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Is Vince Carter a better dunker than Michael Jordan?

Yes. Michael was great, but Vince can simply jump out of the gym!

When was Vince Carter born?

Vince Carter was born on January 26, 1977.

Who had the highest vertical vince carter or grant hill?

vince carter Definately!

What is Vince Carter's birthday?

Vince Carter was born on January 26, 1977.

What is vince Carter's position on the basketball court?

vince carter is officially listed as a guard.

Kobe or vince carter?

Kobe now Vince Carter in his prime

What is the name of vince carters restaurant?

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Who got most hop Vince Carter vs MJ vs Nate Robinson vs Spud Webb?


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