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Head Coach is listed before assistant coach in a booklet.

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Q: Who is listed first in a booklet head coach or assistant coach?
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Who was the first black assistant coach at Alabama?

At 20 years old, John Mitchell became the youngest coach in college football at the time, as well as Alabama's first African-American assistant coach.

What was the name of the first African American assistant head coach for the steelers?

Tony Dungee

How do you put assistant in a sentence?

The school principal handles budgetary and personnel matters while her assistant deals with student discipline. The First Lady seems to appreciate having a personal assistant. The coach gave much of the credit for the team's winning season to his assistant coach, Mr. Blain.

How old was Bill Cowher when he first started coaching?

He was 35 when he started as the Steelers head coach, when he became an assistant coach for the Browns he was 28.

The salary for an assistant college basketball coach?

The salaries vary so widely that it is difficult to give an all encompassing answer.First, there are the "First Assistant", "Second Assistant" and "Third Assistant" coaches. The First Assistant is paid more than the Third Assistant. Second, a D1 major university will pay more than a D3 college.In 2008, for D1 major universities:The highest paid men's assistant coach made $260,000. The highest paid female assistant coach made $122,000. The lowest salary for a third assistant at a major university was $65,000 for men and $33,000 for women.

Who was the head coach that gave Tony Dungy his first assistant coaching position?

Chuck Noll

Who was the Seattle Seahawks first Head Coach?

The Seahawks recruited and hired Jack Patera, a Minnesota Vikings assistant coach, to be the first head coach of the new team. Patera was introduced as the new head coach at a press conference on January 3, 1976.

Who was the head coach that gave tony dungy his first assistant head coaching job?

Chuck Noll

How many years did it take Bill Belichick to win a Super Bowl?

He first won a Superbowl as an assistant coach in 1986, his 12th in the NFL. His first win as a head coach came in 2001, his seventh season as a head coach.

Who was the female assistant coach on the 1992 Kentucky men's basketball team?

Rick Pitino hired the first female to coach UK Men's Basketball. Bernadette Peters

Where did George Wilson Coach before he became the head coach of the Miami Dolphins?

Wilson was head coach of the Detroit Lions between 1957-1964 and an assistant for the Washington Redskins in 1965 before becoming the Dolphins first ever head coach in 1966.

Who is the first quarterback to be a head coach in the NFL?

In the early years of the NFL there were numerous players/coaches so any given year you had quarterbacks listed as head coach also....

What Year did Joe Paterno started coaching Penn State?

Joe Paterno's first season as head coach of Penn State was 1966. He was an assistant coach at Penn State from 1950-1965.

Which former Port Adelaide player is currently an assistant coach at Hawthorn?

Damien Hardwick First Played in Essendon (from 1994 - 2001) and then in port (from 2002 - 2004) he is now one of hawthorns assistant coaches

Who was the first black NFL coach in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has no NFL team.No black NFL head coach has been a native of Oklahoma, although 3 were born in Texas. The hometowns of assistant coaches are not immediately available.

First black AFL coach?

Who was the first indigenous coach?

Who was the first African American coach in the nfl?

The first head coach in the was Art Shell, but the first coach was Fritz Pollard.

What are the coaches names for the Seattle Mariners?

The 2008 Seattle Mariners manager and coaches: John McLaren - Manager Jim Riggleman - Bench Coach Eddie Rodriguez - First Base Coach Sam Perlozzo - Third Base Coach Mel Stottlemyre - Pitching Coach Norm Charlton - Bullpen Coach Jeff Pentland - Hitting Coach Lee Elia - Special Assistant to the Field Manager

Who was the first quarterback of the Denver Broncos?

The first quarterback for the AFL Denver Broncos in 1960 was Frank Tripucka, nominally an assistant coach to Frank Filchock (both had been with the Saskatchewan CFL team).

What is the first name of the Coach Lombard?

Coach Lombardi's first name was Vince. Coach Lombard dd not not exist.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys' first coach?

Tom Landry was the first head coach

Who was the first coach of the Cowboys?

Tom Landry was the first head coach of the Cowboys and was their head coach between 1960-1988.

Where does the coach stand at baseball game?

The coach usually stands in the dug out where the other players are when they are not playing. Assistant coaches will standing close to first and third base outside of the foul line to help runners know to stay or keep running the bases.

What is listed first in ionic compounds?

The metal is listed first.

Who was the first Dallas Cowboys coach?

Tom Landry was first head coach for the Dallas Cowboys

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