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Kelly Kelly was dating former WWE/ECW superstar Test. But after his death, she is single. Kelly Kelly did not date Sheamus.

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Q: Who is kelly kelly date?
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No it isn't

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YES he did date her because in there pictures they kissed

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No she hasn't

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Did Kelly Kelly really date Balls Mahoney?

No, it was storyline.

Will Kelly Kelly date you?

maybe if your old enough or if you ask her

When did batista and kelly kelly date?

I guess Batista and Kelly dated from the middle of August to October.

Did Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly date?

they had some wierd fling

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Edge has a live in girlfriend and Kelly Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel

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What was the date Ned Kelly had his trial?

Ned Kelly faced trial in October 1880.

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No they never dated! They are friends nothing more!

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No, he already has a wife named Samantha.

Did Batista and Kelly Kelly date?

In an interview he said he dated her briefly, but that she was too immature.

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July 28, 2000 was the last air date for Regis on live with Regis and Kelly.

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Yes kelly kelly and Cody Rhodes use to date,but not anymore. you can ask her on twitter i asked her 1 before.

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Justin Gabriel, and Andrew Martin

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Ned Kelly was hanged in Melbourne on 11 November 1880.