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jabulani is a soccer ball name . name was for fifa 2010 world cup

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โˆ™ 2010-10-28 11:12:12
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Q: Who is jabulani daka?
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Who created the Jabulani?

Adidas created the Jabulani.

Where can you buy a jabulani?

At Jabulani Super Shopping Store.

What is meaning of Jabulani?

Jabulani is a Zulu word meaning "rejoice".

How many 3D panels are there on the Jabulani?

There are 8 3D panels on the Jabulani.

When was Jabulani Ncubeni born?

Jabulani Ncubeni was born on 1992-12-18.

When was Jabulani Dubazana born?

Jabulani Dubazana was born on 1954-04-25.

When was Jabulani Sibanda born?

Jabulani Sibanda was born on 1970-01-31.

When was Jabulani Maluleke born?

Jabulani Maluleke was born on 1982-03-17.

When was Jabulani Mnguni born?

Jabulani Mnguni was born on 1972-12-09.

What is the cost of a Jabulani soccer ball?

A Jabulani cost 140 American Dollars online.

What does jabulani mean?

Jabulani means celebrate in Zuluit means celebrate in zulu

What is the cost of Adidas jabulani in India?

jabulani replica rs1450 and match ball rs 5050

How did the pharaohs gain authority over a large kingdom?

daka daka vdombaditodaka

When was Patrick Daka born?

Patrick Daka was born on 1975-09-06.

When was Luan Daka born?

Luan Daka was born in 1951, in Prizren, Kosova.


jabulani is a Zulu word meaning rejoice. it was the world cup 2010 south Africa game ball

What has the author M Jabulani Mngadi written?

M. Jabulani Mngadi has written: 'Umhlaba uyahlaba'

How much is a 2010 Real Madrid Team signed jabulani worth?

The real Jabulani is worth about 350,000 in US dollars!

What is the meaning of 'Jabulani'?

Jabulani is an isiZulu word which means "rejoice" or celebrate.

What is jobulani?

You mean Jabulani. It's the FIFA World Cup 2010 official ball. Jabulani means "TO CELEBRATE" in the ancient Zulu language.

How much us dollars do you need to buy jabulani soccer ball?

Dude,You have to spend Around 100-300 $ to buy The Ultimate Jabulani.

What are the different kind of shoes?

well theres nike, daka, and all bunch of stuff, every seen icarly? they have daka on there. lol

Is there any difference in the size of normal football and jabulani?

NO but there are less panels there are only 8 in the Jabulani ball and32 in a traditional ball.and size of football never change

Fastest ball in sports?

Adidas Jabulani.

How do you pronounce Jabulani?