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the 1920 superbowl

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Q: Who is inauguration was on a Super Bowl Sunday?
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What President's inauguration had to compete with Super Bowl Sunday?

Ronald Regan's second inaugural was the first to have to compete with Super Bowl Sunday in 1985

When was Super Bowl Sunday created?

Super Bowl Sunday was created in 1967.

Which presidential inauguration competed with Super Bowl?


Why did Ronald Reagan's second inauguration compete with Super Bowl Sunday?

Because when a president is inaugurated he or she is supposed to do it on the 20th of the first month of a new year.

Has the Super Bowl always been played on Sunday?

Yes. The 2008 Super Bowl is the 42nd Super Bowl played and all 42 will have been played on a Sunday.

On which day does the average American drink more alcohol July 4th or Super Bowl Sunday?

super bowl Sunday!

When will the Super Bowl be played?

this sunday.

When did Sunday Super Bowl day?

Every Super Bowl since the first one on January 15, 1967 has been played on a Sunday.

What actors and actresses appeared in Super Bowl Sunday - 2013?

The cast of Super Bowl Sunday - 2013 includes: John Fiore as Jerry

Where was the Super Bowl of 2005 held?

The Super Bowl of 2005 was held in Jacksonville, Florida in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

What date was Super Bowl Sunday 2010?

The Super Bowl of 2010 was held on February 7th.

What food do Americans consume 8 million lbs of on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for parties and eating-- chicken wings, chips, beer. However, Americans consume an amazing 8 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday.