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The 2010 Winter Olympics were hosted by Vancouver, Canada and the events were held in various places around that area.

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Q: Who is hosting 2010 winter Olympics?
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What coutry is hosting the 2010winter Olympics?

Canada is currently hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics

What country will be hosting the 2010 winter Olympics?


What Canadian city is hosting the Olympics in 2010?

Vancouver, British Columbia will host the Winter Olympics in 2010.

What conutry is hosting the 2010 winter olyimpics?

The 2010 winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver, BC.

What years did Canada host the winter Olympics?

In 1988, Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics and Vancouver Is Currently Hosting the 2010 Olympics

What other cities have hosted 2010 Winter Olympics?

The only city hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What nation is hosting the 2018 winter Olympics?

South Korea is hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics.

What year were the winter Olympics held in Toronto?

The Winter Olympics as well as the Summer Olympics have not been held in Toronto Canada as of 2010. Toronto will likely not bid on hosting the Olympics at least until 2014, due to Vancouver Canada hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. If Toronto does win a Winter or Summer bid as host city, that bid will be for 2018 or 2020 respectively.

What city and country is hosting the winter Olympics 2010?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Who is hosting the 2009 winter Olympics?

There were no 2009 winter Olympics, they are only held every four years. The 2010 winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, CA and the 2014 winter Olympics are going to be held in Sochi, Russia.

What nation is hosting the winter Olympics?


What nation is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics?


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