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It is Sadaharu Oh. He hit the most homeruns in the world. He hit more than Babe Ruth in his life time.

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Q: Who is home run king?
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When did Home Run King happen?

Home Run King happened in 2002.

When was Home Run King created?

Home Run King was created on 2002-03-18.

What year was Babe Ruth crowned the home run king?

In 1921 Babe Ruth hit home run number 139, and broke Roger Connor's career home run record of 138 to became the All time home run king.

Who is the new home run king?

There is no new Home Run King, His name is still Hank Aaron. Bonds passed Aaron, like it or not, on August 7, 2007.

Who was the baseball home run king in the 1920?

In 1920, Babe Ruth shattered the home run record (29) by hitting 54 home runs.

Was Joey Votto the home run king?


What are the release dates for HRK - Home Run King - 2011?

HRK - Home Run King - 2011 was released on: USA: 20 February 2011 (Indie Spirit Film Festival)

Who was the home run king for 2009?

Albert Pujols - who else?!?

What candy is named after a famous home run king?

Baby Ruth

How many years was Hank Aaron the home run king?

Aaron passed Babe Ruth as the career home run king on 1974 April 8. Aason was passed by Barry Bonds for this record on 2007 August 7.

Who was home run king 1934 and was born in Mobile Alabama?

Hank Aaron

What postision did babe Ruth play before he became home run king?


Who is the baseballs all-time home run king?

Barry Bonds, who hit 762 home runs from 1986 thru 2007.

How old was Hank Aaron when he became Home Run King?

Hank Aaron was 40 years, 63 days old when he broke Babe Ruth's MLB career home run record.

How is the home run king in super smash brothers brawl?

entertaining for about 10 minutes me b****h

Home run king who's first name is 'mel'?

Mel Ott of the New York Giants

Who is the home run king in MLB?

Barry Bonds has the most career home runs in Major League history with 762. but only because of stereroids

Who is the home run king for super smash brothers brawl?

If you speak of the best character to make homeruns, then that would be Ganondorf, since someone has submitted a world record home-run distance of 7435.9 ft on "". For Team Home-Run Contest, the kings (or queens) would be Ice Climbers & Ganondorf. They made a home-run world record of 24099.4 ft in that game.

Who ended his baseball career as the all-time home run king with 755 home runs?

Hank Aaron ended his career with 755 homeruns, which at the time was the home run record. Barry Bonds eventually hit 762 homeruns to break the record.

MLB home run record?

Barry Bonds holds the record with 762, but it is widely disputed because of many steroid usage accusations. Many say that Hank Aaron is the true home run king with 755.

Who has most home runs?

The cheater Barry Bonds techinically has the most hopme runs but the home run king is Hank Aaron -j.R.C

Why did King Tutankhamun run for king?

King Tut didn't run for king at all, In fact, he was automatically king when his father died.

Why is a home run called a home run?

because you run around back to home.

Other nickname of the Sultan of Swat?

Babe Ruth was also called the Home Run King the Bambino and Herman the Great.

Former home run king who was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982?

Jackie Robinson