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Dave palone

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Q: Who is harness racings alltime leading driver?
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Who is the all time leading Harness Driver?

Herve Filion is North Americas leading wins driver with over 15,000 plus wins. John Campbell is the sports all time leader in purses won.

How to become a harness racing driver?

You have to have a licence to become a harness racer. it takes 3 years to be a professional driver.

How much does a harness racing driver make?

A harness racing driver should make at least 20,000 at the end of each year.

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How can a NASCAR driver finishing 16 make less than a driver finishing 29?

The Driver that finished 29th got 5 points for leading a lap, another 5 points for leading the most laps, and another 5 points for leading the race at the half-way point.

Who is leading driver in formula 1 at the moment?

Fernando Alonso

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The leading cause of freeway collisions is following another driver too closely.

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Why is andis neiksans wearing a bikini bottom when wearing a harness?

so the driver doesn't see her naked.

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How much money does a driver profit by leading a lap at the Indy 500?


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