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Minor leagues A guy had 416 average I forgot his name

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2011-01-28 13:04:54
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Q: Who is got the highest batting average in baseball?
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Ty Cobb had the highest lifetime batting average in the history of baseball 0.366 This means that on average out of every 1000 at-bats in his entire career he got 366 hits?


Who has the best batting average in softball?

Me. I played in one game last summer and got a single in my only at bat for a career 1.000 batting average.

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Finland is a Nordic country, so I highly doubt it has a high average temperature.

How did don bradman change cricket forever?

he got worlds highest average of 99.94 in cricket

What is Don's batting average if he got 43 hits in 135 times at bat?


Is 231 a good math map test score?

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Which Australian cricketer got 99.54 in batting average?

I think you mean 99.94. It was Sir Donald Bradman.

Is Babe Ruth the greatest ballplayer ever?

Popular yes, but many , well several surpassed Ruth in certain statistical particulars. For example the Sultan of Swat never hit.,400. the highest Ruthian average was .393 in l923 (got combination as a memory jogger) but this is not .400 in l924, Rogers,not Roger, Hornsby batted-full season- .424 this was the highest seasonal batting average in modern-day baseball. several players hit .400 among them Hornsby, Ty Cobb, and (sizzling) George Sisler .From a technical performance angle Cobb"s lifetime batting average of .367 (career) has never been approached. draw your own conclusions.

How do you calculate the hitting average in baseball?

divide the number of hits you got by the number of at bats you had

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Which baseball player holds the record for most times striking out?

Here is the information I got from two different sources: Reggie Jackson struck out 2597 times, hard to believe for a man who maintained a career .490 batting average and hit 563 home runs. The .490 was Jackson's slugging percentage, not his batting average. His career batting average was .262. Bobby Bonds set the record for the most strikeouts in one season with 189, but of all time I think it is Reggie Jackson.

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