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$1,000,000 says the celtics win it

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Q: Who is going to win the Celtics and 76ers basketball game?
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Who is going to win game 7 in the Celtics and 76ers series?

All of the ESPN reporters think the 76ers are going to upset the celtics in the game 7 finale in boston simply because the 76ers are an incredibly fast, more explosive team than the celtics this year.

What basketball game did Taylor Swift sing at?

when she was 11 she sang the national anthem at the 76ers game. when she was 11 she sang the national anthem at the 76ers game.

Who won the basketball game between lakers and Celtics finals?

A list of final series between the Lakers and the Celtics can be found in the related link below.

Basketball game on December 25 2008 Lakers vs Celtics where was it at?

the staples center in LA

Who won the basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics yesterday?

the heat won

What was the best game in basketball?

Game 7 Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals 2010

Was there ever a college basketball shutout?

yes Celtics one a game against the Pistons 129-0

What is highest points Michael Jordan ever score in a basketball game?

69 points against the Boston celtics

Where was Taylor swift first discovered?

She was first discovered when she was 11 years old while she was singing the national anthem at a 76ers basketball game.

What is the most points made in a games by one player in a basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 point in 1962 when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers

A movie about a young black basketball player?

He Got Game- feat Ray Allen, Shooting Guard Boston Celtics.

Who won game 5 from Celtics and pistons?


What does the Boston Celtics and a peach basket have in common?

The name "Peach Basket" doesnt have relation to the Celtics itself, but it was the original name for basketball. Basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachussetts in 1891 and the game consisted of a peach basket (basket used to hold peaches) and a soccer ball.

Who was Michael jordans last game against?


How many people come to a Boston Celtics game?

18,624 people come to a Boston Celtics game

How do you say I am going to a basketball game in Spanish?


Which team holds the NBA record for most assists per game in a season?

The 2000 Philedelphia 76ers The 2000 Philedelphia 76ers

Where did the Boston Celtics play their first game?

The Boston Celtics played their first game in the stadium called Boston Garden.

Where can you watch the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Game 6 live online?

You can watch all the NBA basketball games with high quality from

What is the nba record for most three pointer in a finals basketball game?

The record is 8 (7 in the first half) by Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the 2010 NBA Finals.

When did Taylor Swift sing the national anthem for a 76ers game?

When she was 11

Who won the cavaliers celtics game?

The Cavaliers won the game

What is john cena favarite basketball team?

Not positive, but I'd say The Boston Celtics. He was cheering them on for game 2 of the Eastern Conference Championships against the Orlando Magic.

Whats the top 5 nba 82 game season winners?

Chicago Bulls: 72-10 Chicago Bulls: 69-13 Los Angeles Lakers: 69-13 Philadelphia 76ers: 68-13 Boston Celtics: 68-14

What is the average home attendance for the Philadelphia 76ers?

The average home game attendance for the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2007 - 2008 season was 14,870 fans (23rd in the league).