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mvp will retain the us title

umaga will retain the ic title

orton will win the bullrope match

carlito will win

Candice will retain the title

Morrison will retain the title

khali will retain the title, & Cena will retain the title

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:21:30
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Q: Who is going to win at the Great American Bash?
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Who is going to win the WWE title at the great American bash?

John cena win American bash on Sunday

Will John Cena win at the Great American Bash?

yes most probaly no

When did sting win his first world title?

Sting defeated "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at the 1990 Great American Bash.

Is Jeff Hardy going to win a championship again?

Yes at the great American bash 09 he will beat cm punk for the world heavyweight championship. .p.s. Jeff hardy might be leaving wwe on august 4 but that gives wwe time to keep hardy in wwe.

Big bash t20 who will win today HOBART HURRICANES VS BRISBANE HEAT? predicts a win for Brisbane Heat in the Big bash t20

Did Jeff hardy win at the bash?

Kind of.

Who will win at the bash orton or Triple H?

I think Triple H but you cant tell until the bash is over.

Is lee dewyze going to win American idol?

No one, not even the producers of American Idol, or Ryan Seacrest knows who will win American Idol. Personally, I think Lee will win.

What paperview will john cena win WWE champion from Triple H?

It is "PAY PER VIEW" and only the orginisers of WWE know that answer. in order to make wwe even again ethier john cena or batista will win their matches and mark Henry should win the ecw triple threat match and if not it will happen at the great American bash.

Is Jessica Sanchez going to win American Idol?


Who is going to win American Idol 2012?


Who is going to win American idol this year season 10 2011?

in the year 2011 i think the winner of American idol is going to either be James or Jacob

Who is probably going to win American Idol season 10?

Lauren Alaina

Who is going to win on American Idol in 2011?

Scotty Mcreery won in 2011.

If Taylor Swift was on American Idol do you think she would win?

Yes, she's a great singer, she would definitely win.

Who going to win MasterChef Australia 2010?

Adam the great Mongolian chef

Whose going 2 win American idol 2009?

Danny go Milwaukee

Is the next best singer on American Idol going to win?

Haley Reinhart of course!

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Who is going to win American idol 2009?

# Kris Allen, Adam Lambert is just not good. == ==

Who is going to win american idol this year?

Jessica Sanchez will be the last girl Phillip Phillips wiil be the last boy. Ultimately, Phillip will win.

Is the great khali going to win antonio cesaro for the us champion?

No because Kofi Kingston is

Is federer going to win US Open 2008?

OBviously he is going to win OBviously he is going to win

Who is going to win American Idol 2010?

Lee won :) :)

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