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Sean Miller

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โˆ™ 2011-03-17 23:25:35
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Q: Who is going to coach Arizona wildcats basketball?
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What entire college basketball team was enshrined into the BAsketball Hall of Fame in 2007?

Kentucky wildcats every year for now on their going to be NCAA Champions for basketball

Who is going to win the ncaa basketball championship?

Kentucky wildcats all the way baby. day got john wall, demarcus cousins, PP (Patrick Patterson), darrel dodson, & Eric bledsoe. don't forget john calipari. Yeah, he's the new coach from Memphis. Wish he could win with the Wildcats every year for the rest of his career. It's too bad thhey lost to SC. They shouldn't have lost. It doesn't makes sense. Their only good player is Devin Downey. GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Can a sixth grade girl play on an eighth grade basketball team?

it depends on what the how your coach is like. But yes I have seen things like that going on. I hope you are really good.

Is it going to snow in Arizona?


When are the vikings going against the wildcats?

Not Scheduled yet. But make sure you go to their homepage.

What should you have in your basketball bag?

i am going to start basketball camp

How does a team score in basketball?

a team scores by the basketball going threw the basketball hoop

Which coach stations in London have coaches going to lisbon Portugal?

Victoria Coach Station

What is lap in basketball?

going right and left with basketball and then shoot in basket

what stuff do you do in the summer?

camping going to a beach to play and going to a basketball court and play basketball and other stuff

When playing basketball how can you stay focus with the fans the coach yelling and keeping teammates happy I play point guard and it hard to play good without being focus on basketball?

just pretend they're not there... just pay attention on the basket and the ball going in the hoop.

Where is WWE wrestlemania 26 going to be?

Arizona Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, which is right by Phoenix, Arizona

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