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Obviously Jose Reyes. Jeter is a better all-around player, but Reyes is faster.

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Q: Who is faster Derek Jeter or Jose Reyes Jose Reyes?
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What is difference between Derek Jeter and Jose Reyes?

The difference between Jose and derek is that Jose Reyes plays for the mets and derek jeter plays for the Yankees

Who is better in 2011 Jose Reyes or Derek Jeter?

Jose Reyes

Is Jose Reyes the best shortstop in the mlb?

yes derek jeter sucks

Will Jose Reyes end up with the Yankees?

Since Derek Jeter is the Yankees shortstop and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere I think it would be an extreme longshot to see Reyes wind up with the Yankees.

Who are the best players in the Major League Baseball currently?

1.Derek Jeter 2.Albert Pujols 3.Alex Rodriguez 4.Dustin Pedroia 5.Jose Reyes

Who is faster Carlos Gomez or Jose Reyes?


How fast is ichiro?

faster than Jose Reyes

Who is faster Jacoby Ellsbury or Jose Reyes?


Who is faster Jimmy Rollins or Jose Reyes?


Who is faster Jose Reyes or Brett Gardner?

Brett Gardner is way faster!

Which baseball player is fastest Jose Reyes Ichiro Susuki Jose Reyes?

Jose Reyes

Who's faster Trindon Holliday or Jose Reyes?

I would say Trindon Holliday but Jose is pretty fast too.

Who is faster Jose Reyes or rafeal furcal?

That's a tough one, but I'd say Reyes. He lead the MLB in SB from 2005 to 2008.

What is Jose Reyes famous for?

Jose Reyes is famous for being a baseball player. Jose Reyes is 2011 NL batting champion. Jose Reyes is a talented shortstop who has suffered many injuries.

How does Jose Reyes bat?

Jose Reyes is a switch hitter.

Ho are the best players in theNew York Yankees now?

Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodrigez, Jose Molina

Does Jose Reyes have kids?

Yes, Jose Reyes has 2 daughters.

Where is Jose Reyes from?

Mets' shortstop Jose Reyes is from the Dominican Republic.

How many career triples does Jose Reyes have?

Jose Reyes has 83 career triples

Who is faster Brett gardner or Jose Reyes?

Who do you think is faster the one with 47 sb in 56 chances or the one who is on the DL alot Brett the jet is way faster by far.

Was Jose Reyes injured in 2011?

Jose Reyes is a fùcking dïck for leaving us. But yes he was

What is Jose Reyes' jersey number?

Mets shortstop Jose Reyes wears number 7.

Where does Jose Reyes live?

According to, Jose Reyes lives in Manhasset, New York.

Jose Reyes is a famous athlete in what sport?

Jose Reyes is a Major League Baseball player.

Does Jose Reyes throw right or left?

MLB player Jose Reyes throws right.