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or 2006 i know the last oldest was Chris weinke.

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Q: Who is currently the oldest college football player in 2007 getting drafted?
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College football and pro football?

college football is when you are in college and pro football is when you are out of college and also in pro football you get paid but not college football. you can get into pro by being a college player and getting drafted into pro.

Would you need to play all four years of college football to be drafted by the NFL?

Getting Drafted by the NFLyou need 75 years of college

What college football team has the longest streak without getting shut out?

Longest streak goes to BYU Do not currently know who has the longest current streak

Is there an age or year requirement for college football players before they can go on to pro football?

No but they are thinking of putting one in so that kids don't just go to college and hope to be drafted without getting a full education A player must be out of high school for 3 years, challenged (unsuccessfully) by Maurice Clarett of Ohio State in 2002 and Mike Williams of USC 2003.

How do you invite a soccer scout to your college soccer game?

you start by getting the name correct *football

What is the percentage of black college football players in 2010?

Quarterbacks, Punters and a few lineman. Most college football players are black. Most of the white players are too buzy getting an education.

What is the use of getting cheap college football tickets?

Cheap college football tickets are great because you get to still experience the game but at a reduction of the cost. As well as you get to experience the game just like expensive tickets.

Is Dwyane Wade getting drafted?

Yes he got drafted in like 2003 5 pick overall

Can you be a football player without going to college?

I am assuming you are asking if you can be a professional football player without going to college. The answer is yes. You would contact the team for which you are interested in trying to play. The odds of getting a tryout without an agent to represent you and no resume of football experience are very, very bad.

When was Mike Vick drafted to Eagles?

He was never drafted by the Eagles. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001 with the 1st pick of the draft. He was signed by the Eagles after getting out of jail.

What are the points to say against war?

Getting drafted to fight it.

How do you get into the NFL without getting drafted?

You can be signed as a free agent

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