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Hope Solo

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Q: Who is considered the best womens soccer goalie?
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Who do you think the best soccer goalie is?

i think that the best soccer goalie is iker casillas from Spain

Who is the best soccer goalie in history?

The best goalie in history is Jorge Campoz

Who is the best goalie in soccer?

Iker Casillias

Who is the best soccer goalie in the Mexican league?

ochoa is the best

Who is the best soccer goalie in 2011?

in doubt chassis

Who is the best female soccer goalie?

This is my opinion but the female goalie playing currently is Hope Solo of the US Olympic Soccer Team Actually the best women goalie wouldn't even compare to the worst male goalie. MAN POWER!!

Who is the best goalie in hockey?

The winner of the Vezina Trophy is considered the best goalie in the world.

Best soccer cleat for goalie?

the best soccer cleat for a goalie is the Nike T90 laser lll the Nike ctr360(I highly recomend) or the Adidas predator x

Who is the best soccer player in US womens soccer?

thats an opinion

Who is currently the best goalie in soccer?

Petr Cech of Chelsea

Who is the best soccer goalie in the world?

Casillas nahh....Buffon

Can a goalie be a forward in soccer?

no professional goalies are best being a goalie. They do not have much skill in dribbling or fakes.

Where can the best goalie fights be seen?

There are several places where a person can view the best goalie fights. Websites like Youtube have thousands of clips of goalie fights from hockey and even soccer.

Best goalie in soccer?

Nélson de Jesus Silva - Dida (IMO)

What are the best goalie gloves for soccer?

The best goalkeeping gloves are Sgt Nike not reverse stitch

Who is the world's best soccer goalie?

Buffon is best soccer goalie in the world.Actuallity, the best goalie in the world is Guillermo Fransisco Ochoa. His nickname is Memo Ochoa. He play with America in the Mexican First Division.Screw ochoa he is weak and plays against weak player in the Mexican first division its all about petre cechForget both of them the best goalie is Casillas by far that is the goalie.Buffon from Italy

Which feamale soccer team is the best in the world?

USA womens team

Second best goalie in soccer?

Probably Dida on a Brazil team, I don't know.

What is the best way to save Womens professional soccer in the US?

Play topless

Who is the best soccer goalie of all time?

Hope solo she is really good. And she is super fast

What is the best soccer team in the whole world?

Manchester united or the womens usa team

Who is the best player on the US womens 2010 soccer team?

Probaly Abby Wombach.

Who is the best female soccer goalie ever?

well its Maransar Helly but everyone calls her Mars for short

Who is presently the best Goalie in Soccer?

It is hard to say who's the best, but it's definitely Stekelenbug (Ajax) or Casillias (R. Madrid)

Which soccer team has the best goalie?

Inter Milan and Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar is considered by many to be the best in the world. In my opinion its memo ochoa from America/Mexico. And skrew iker cassilies from Spain he barley got tested with shoys and now hes considered the best B.S!!!