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Q: Who is college national champion and next year Super Bowl winner?
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What College National Champion Quarterback won a Super Bowl in the NFL?

Joe Montana, Joe Namath

Who are the Champions of IPL?

The current champion is Chennai Super Kings the winner of the 2011 edition of IPL

Does the team who won the Super Bowl receive both Super Bowl and conference ring?

Yes, because the Super Bowl is played between the AFC champion and the NFC champion, the winner of the Super Bowl would be entitled to both rings.

What colleges have produced a Heisman Trophy winner president and Super Bowl champion?

Michigan - Desmond Howard - Heisman winner and Super Bowl winner with Green Bay (MVP Super Bowl) and Gerald Ford, President (an all American in his own right) Naval Academy - President Jimmy Carter, Roger Staubach, heisman winner and Super Bowl Champion with the Cowboys Stanford --- President Herbert Hoover, Heisman winner and Superbowl MVP Jim Plunkett, Superbowl MVP John Elway

Who has won a super bowl the super bowl mvp national championship and Heisman Trophy winner?

Marcus Allen

What player has won an olympic gold medal European cup winner premiership winner uefa cup runner up fa cup winner and a super cup winner relagated from the premiership but never played in the champion?


Who played in the last COLLEGE all stars and super bowl winner game?


What is the college football Super Bowl?

BCS National Championship

Has Sports Illustrated ever correctly predicted the super bowl winner before the season started?

has sports illustrated ever correctly predicted the right super bowl champion

Who plays in the world super cup?

The world super cup is played out between the winners of the champion ;league and the winner of the U.E.F.A cup each year befoe the new season starts.

Who would win between the Grey Cup champion and the Super Bowl champion?

The super bowl champion would kill...

What determines Super bowl home field advantage?

Super Bowl 'home field' advantage alternates. The National Football Conference champion is the home team for odd numbered Super Bowls. The American Football Conference champion is the home team for even numbered Super Bowls.

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