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DeAngelo Williams

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Q: Who is college football all time all purpose yards leader?
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Who has the most yards after contact in college football?

Trent Richardson

Who is the current all purpose yards leader through week 17?

The NFL's all purpose yardage leader for the 2008 regular season was Leon Washington of the New York Jets with 2,337. He had 448 rushing yards, 355 receiving yards, 303 punt return yards, and 1,231 kickoff return yards.

Is a college football field and high school football field the same size?

Yes, both are 120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide.

What players have the most all purpose yards in NCAA football?

Tayvon Alston

Who rushed for most yards in one season in college football?

Ben Hayes in 1921 rushed for 3,928 yards.

Most all purpose yards in college bowl game?

Chris Johnson set NCAA FBS record of 408 all-purpose yards

Who is the leader for total offense yards gained in NCAA history?

There have been many great running backs and receivers in college football. However, the record for the most total career yards gained is held by quarterback Case Keenum who gained 20,114 yards with Houston from 2007-2011.

Total yards both teams single game college football?


Which college football quarterback has the most rushing yards in a season?

denard robinson

What is the average distance of a punt in college football?

30.4 yards per punt

What is the record for division 1-a football all-purpose yards?

Damaris Johnson of Tulsa

Which college football team has the most rushing yards in history?

1971 Oklahoma Sooners