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Not sure I understand the question. The defensive team's manager or any member of the coaching staff can go to the mound to talk to a pitcher. When the second visit of an inning occurs to a particular pitcher, that pitcher must be taken out of the game. Visits to the mound are credited to the team and not the manager or a specific coach.

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Q: Who is charged with the visit to the mound when pitchers are changed?
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Does it count as a visit to the mound if you change pitchers between inning and go out to the mound?


If you change pitchers at the beginning of an inning and before the umpire calls the batter to the plate can you talk to your new pitcher without being charged a visit to the mound?

I apologize, but my answers keep getting deleted, or changed .If you send out your old pitcher (I will clarify so it doesn't get deleted again) -- the pitcher that was previously in -- you can go out to the mound at that time before he faces a pitcher and make the change.. by doing this you would essentially get a free visit to the mound as the visit would go towards the old pitcher, not the new --- a pitcher that has pitched in previous innings, does not have to pitch to anyone just because he came in to start the inning.

How many times is the catcher allowed to visit the pitchers mound in a major league baseball game?

There is no rule in MLB that specifies how many times a catcher may visit the pitcher during a game.

Is it illegal for national league teams to meet on the pitchers mound?

Once time has been called, a coach or manager can meet within anyone he cares to during his visit to the pitcher's mound, but the umpire won't let the meeting lasy any longer than about a minute.

Which pitcher is charged with the visit to the mound when pitchers are changed the original pitcher or the new pitcher?

The easy answer is the player who was last designated as the pitcher when the timeout was granted. However, time outs are really charged to the coaching staff, not any pitcher. In Major League Baseball, the pitcher (whoever he his) must be removed when a manager or coach makes a 2nd visit to the mound during any inning, other than for injury (umpires' discretion). Under High School Federation rules, the coach is allowed 3 "free" defensive timeouts during a 7-inning game. He may or may not change the pitcher -- it has no effect on the time-out total. Upon a 4th, and any subsequent, defensive timeout, the pitcher currently in the game must be replaced. In extra innings, the MLB rule is used. Other leagues can alter this rule as they wish.

Can two different coaches visit the mound in the same inning with out pulling the pitcher?

No. The team gets one visit to the mound per inning and on the second visit, the pitcher must be replaced. It doesn't make any difference what coach makes the visit.

Were do the visits counts for a pitcher at the mound or the line?

Rule 8.06 of the Official Baseball Rules (2011, pp 78-79) does not state where the visit counts, but it does state that the visit is officially over when the coach or manager leaves the 18' circle of the pitcher's mound. If he turns around to talk to the pitcher after he walks off the mound, it is considered a second visit and the pitcher must be replaced. For the rest of this answer I will just use "coach." The coach does not get counted for a mound visit when he steps over the line, because he is allowed to visit an infielder as well. However, if that infielder then communicates with the pitcher, it will be counted as a mound visit. So basically, it is considered a mound visit if the coach goes out to communicate in some way or another to the pitcher. Let's just assume that the coach isn't stupid and wants to communicate with the pitcher in a way that the other team can't hear him. He would be counted a visit the moment he stepped foot on the mound, as the umpires would then know his intention is to talk to the pitcher.

Is it considered a visit to the mound if the pitching coach goes out?

Yes, it doesn't matter if it's the Pitching Coach or the Manager, it still counts as a visit to the mound. The only instance in which mound trips by coaches do not count is if they're checking on a pitcher to make sure they're not hurt and they let the umpire know before their trip to the mound.

Is there a rule about the number of times a baseball manager can walk out to the mound?

In MLB, a manager/coach is allowed one visit to the mound per inning. Should the manager/coach make a second visit in an inning, the pitcher must be removed. An exception to this rule is when the manager/coach makes a visit due to an injury to the pitcher. In this case, no visit is charged. You might notice, when a manager/coach makes a 'regular' visit, the home plate umpire stays at home plate and will not approach the mound until a certain amount of time has elapsed to break up the conversation and get the game moving. When a manager/coach makes a visit for an injury, the home plate umpire will stand near the manager/coach and pitcher monitoring the conversion to ensure it is only about the injury and not about any strategy.

Is it considered a visit to the mound if a coach goes to the mound while a pitcher is warming up between innings?

Yes. The only time a manager can go to the mound and it not be considered a visit is if the manager believes his pitcher is injured. In that case the home plate umpire will accompany the manager to the mound and listen to the entire conversation to ensure that the manager and pitcher are not talking strategy but solely about how the pitcher is feeling.

Does the same pitcher have to be removed on the second timeout if the coach proceeds to the umpire to make defensive change including the pitcher?

I am not sure if the following will help. When the second trip to the mound happens in the same inning the pitcher has to be replaced. on a timeout no... u dont have to change the pitcher... if it is the 2nd "Mound Visit" with the coach on the mound yes. when only a catcher is talking to the catcehr or anyone already on the field it doesnt count. it is not considered a mound visit until the coach steps over the foul line. if there are 2 mound visits in in 2 different innings for the same pitcher u can remain on the mound

Is it considered a visit to the mound if a coach goes to the mound while a pitcher is warming up before the first pitch of the game is thrown?

Yes it is and coaches may not warm up a pitcher before innings either,

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