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To me it seems Shawn Michaels is better than undertaker....... Shawn is the best in creating an awesome match.........all his matches are like making our adrenalin overwhelming.......Shawn has got better story lines than undertaker,especially the bad days with hhh......where as from undertaker we most often don't get what we expect out of him....and his story lines sometimes went like Horror movies........Shawn creates a very charming environment in wwe.......................

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker demolished each other at the 25th Anniversery of Wrestlemania, becoming Undertaker's hardest match in history. But in the desperate end, The Undertaker retained his 17-0 streak. Unlike many of the other opponents Undertaker has faced, people would actually believe Shawn Michaels might've broken it. Almost a year after this, Shawn Michaels has been obsessed with a rematch to break Undertaker's streak. Undertaker comes out personally, and denies it. Shawn Michael's plan to beat the Royal Rumble 2010 failed, causing an outburst on Shawn, even beating down Teddy Long and two referies. He also fails to retain his Unified Tag Team Belts with DX parter HHH, and a match to qualify for Elimination Chamber. Because of these saddening events for him, he quits D-Generation X, and interrupted Undertaker's match in Elimination Chamber, causing Undertaker to loose his World-HeavyWeight Champion. The next day, Undertaker finally accepts the match, but at the hardening flaw: If Shawn Michaels looses in breaking Undertaker's streak, he must never wrestle again. Shawn accepts the deal, and even claims: "if I can't break his streak, than why bother continue my career."

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Q: Who is better undertaker or Shawn Michaels?
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Who is better -Shawn michaels or undertaker?

hbk Shawn m

Who won undertaker or Shawn michaels?


What is the undertaker's record in matches vs Shawn Michaels?

undertaker has never beaten Shawn michaels, Shawn michaels has never beaten undertaker that's not true Shawn Michaels beat undertaker in the very first hell in a cell match.....because of Kane infact Shawn michaels never lost to the undertaker until WRESTLEMANIA 25

What is the record for Shawn Michaels vs the undertaker?

The record is ... Shawn Michaels 6 out of 15.The Undertaker is 9 out of 15.

Did undertaker beat Shawn michaels?

Unfortunately The Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXVI, forcing Shawn Michaels to retire. When i was watching the match and undertaker suddenly went for the pin, he succeeded. i cried when i saw undertaker win.

Who won wrestlemanis undertaker vs Shawn michaels?

At Wrestlemania XXVI Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels forcing him to retire.

When did Shawn Micheal retire?

he did not retire he screwed up and said u and me undertaker wrestle mania and Shawn michaels being as stupid as he is (in a good way ^_^) he imattated the undertaker and undertaker won against Shawn michaels (now undertaker is 16-0) so Shawn michaels lost and he had to quit

How old are the WWE's The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels?

As of 9/5/12, both The Undertaker is 47 and Shawn Michaels are 47 years young.

Did undertaker beat Shawn micheals at WrestleMania 2010?

Yes undertaker beat Shawn michaels i was so angry that i almost cried Shawn michaels is out of the wwe forever :'(

Who will win at WrestleMania 26 Shawn michaels or the undertaker?

The Undertaker was the winner.

Did Shawn Michaels win or undertaker in wrestlemania 26?

Undertaker won

Did shawnmichaels kill undertaker?

No he didn't....Shawn Michaels has respect for The Undertaker.

Why Shawn Michaels retired?

Shawn Michaels retired because his Wrestlemania Match was Undertaker's streak versus Shawn Michaels career....Shawn Michaels lost and retired the next night on Raw.

Who did the undertaker face at WrestleMania 25?

Shawn Michaels

Who won at wrestle-mania between Shawn michaels and the undertaker?

Unfortunately undertaker!

Did Shawn Michaels beat the undertaker wrestlemania26?

No, the Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 in the Career vs. Streak match. He pinned him after a tombstone, thus forcing Michaels to retire from the WWE.

Who came first to WWE Shawn micheals or undertaker?

The Undertaker debuted in WWF (WWE) in 1990 whilst Shawn Michaels debuted in October 1987. So Shawn Michaels joined first.

Why hasn't Shawn Michaels been on tv in a while?

Shawn Michaels was tested positive after Wrestlmainia 25 with his match with the Undertaker.

What happened to Shawn Michaels the wrestler?

Shawn Michaels is currently taking a break from wwe after his Wrestlemania XXV match with The Undertaker.

Who is the eldest WWE wrestler still wrestling?

It's probably between Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker but i think its Shawn Michaels.

What happened to the wrestler Shawn Michaels?

Shawn Michaels is currently taking a break from wwe after his Wrestlemania XXV match with The Undertaker.

Who will face undertaker at WrestleMania 26?

Shawn Michaels will face undertaker at wrestlemania XXVI

Who won against the undertaker vs Shawn michaels at wrestlemania 26?

undertaker won

What happen to Undertaker and Shawn Micheals?

Undertaker had to get hip surgery and Shawn michaels is taking a break from the company right now.

Shawn Michaels vs undertaker WWE wrestlmania26?

Undertaker won the match and Shawn micheals is leaving the WWE forever :(