Did shawnmichaels kill undertaker

Updated: 8/18/2019
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No he didn't....Shawn Michaels has respect for The Undertaker.

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Q: Did shawnmichaels kill undertaker
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Who won at wrestlemania25 shawnmichaels or undertaker?

undertaker won .. it was a awesome match! it is labeled as the greatest match of all time .. they both pushed each other to the limit .. they did their finishing manuevers at lease 4 times each ..

What happened to shawnmichaels?


Did edge kill undertaker?

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Is Shawnmichaels will return to WWE?

Maybe or maybe not

How did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

Undertaker isn't dead

Who will try to kill undertaker?

rey mysterio tryed to kill undertaker because it was a qualifing match so mysterio injured the undertaker to win the match.

Did undertaker kill boogeyman?


How did Randy Orton kill the undertaker?

He didn't kill him

Did the undertaker really kill the big bossman?

No, the undertaker did not kill the bigbossman. Big boss man died of cardiac arrest

Did undertaker kill his mom and dad?

no i thank undertaker did not kil his mom and dad

Is the undertaker going to kill Kane?


Did undertaker kill his daughter?

No, he didn't.