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That's American Football, not soccer

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Q: Who is better the patrits or the giants?
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Which team is better the eagles or the giants?

Eagles suck Giants are better.

Who is better giants or saints?

Giants by far

Are the NY giants better then the Washington Redskins?


Who is better eagles or giants?

Giants are way better and Desean Jackson is dumb as a rock.

Jets or giants?

Giants. Jets are cool to but I just like the giants better.

Are New York Giants better?

the giants are much better because of Eli manning's power

Who is the best NFL team Falcons or Giants?

The Giants are better.

Which patrits famous words were I have not yet begun to fight?

witch patriots words were I have not yet begun to fight

Who are better the dodgers or the giants?

just to say the giants have better pitching and hitting then the dodgers but sometimes its the oppisite

What Team is better jets or giants?

Well 3 years ago it was the giants, but this year they are pretty much equal. My opinion is that the giants are way better!

Who has a better chance to win the Super Bowl Giants or Patriots?


Who is better cardinals or giants?


Who is better giants or jets?


Who is better jets or giants?


Who is better the giants or the eagles?

The Eagles.

Who is is better jets or giants?

the jets

Which has the better defense ranking -- the NE Patriots and the NY Giants?

NY Giants

Who is better between the giants and 49ers?

The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

Why did the Green Bay Packers lose to the giants?

Beacause the giants had a better score. XD

Who has better wide receivers New York Giants or the Green Bay Packers?


Are the giants better than the orioles?

In 2012 they were.

Giants are better than cowboys?


Are the Pittsburgh Steelers better than the New York Giants?

Yes, they are way better. I'm not a Steelers fan but it's true. If you look back, they have a better history than the Giants and they are better now.

Who is better between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants?

Giants all day baby!

Who is better giants or redskins?

washington redskins by. nj