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man united

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2011-09-06 10:27:34
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Q: Who is better team Man united or Arsenal?
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Who are better man united or arsenal?

Manchester united are better than arsenal

Which team is better man you or arsenal?

Manchester United, though the gap will close a bit this year in my opinion.

Who is a better football team arsenal or man united?

em probaly man u even though there rubbush lufc#1

Who is better man you or arsenal?

As far as history, Manchester United has more trophies than Arsenal, and are currently doing better in the Premier league.

Has arsenal beaten man united more than man united have beat arsenal?


Is arsenal better than man united?

Man United are champions of Greater Manchester, the Northwest, England, Europe, and the world. --- Arsenal is the worlds best team. Arsenal even beat Barcelona 2-1 on February 16, while Man U got shredded 3-1 at the champions league final. Arsenal even beat Man U 8-2 at Old Trafford in August. ---

How many trophies has arsenal won compared to man united?

Arsenal and manu have the same amount of trophies and manu is the worst team on earth

Which Team Is Better Man United Or Spurs?


What is the order of premiership winners?

1993, 1994 - Man United 1995 - Blackburn 1996, 1997 - Man United 1998 - Arsenal 1999, 2000, 2001 - Man United 2002 - Arsenal 2003 - Man United 2004 - Arsenal 2005, 2006 - Chelsea 2007, 2008 - Man United

Who has more trophies arsenal or man united?

Arsenal has more trophies.

Are oxford united a good team?

No they are bad but better than man united

Name player to play for any 2 of man united Chelsea Liverpool and arsenal?

Mkael Silvestre fo Man United and Arsenal

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