Who is better ronaldo or kaka?

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ronaldo is better he is also better than messi

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Q: Who is better ronaldo or kaka?
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Is ronaldo better than kaka?

Ronaldo is better than Kaka

Kaka is better or ronaldo?


Who is better kaka or ronaldo fenomeno?

It is Kaka of course.

Who is better kaka or christiano ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Is kaka better than ronaldo?

of coarse!.............kaka is been playing for real Madrid and his goals are far better than ronaldo!............but when we compare them both , i think both are equal.................but kaka is much more better than ronaldo

Is Cristiano Ronaldo better th an kaka?


How is better kaka or ronaldo?

the both world class player the both were born in Portugal but who is better kaka or ronaldo well to me it has to be Cristiano ronaldo he the best player in the world then it is messi then it is kaka then it is wanye Rooney then it is fabergas so the best from kaka and ronaldo is Cristiano ronaldo Cristiano ronaldo is the best looking footballer he got the best skills

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or kaka?

It is Christiano ronaldo , he broke the Spanish record.

Who is faster out of kaka and ronaldo?


Why do you think messi is better than ronaldo?

the best is kaka but of course messi is better than ronaldo ronaldo has no talent at all. the bests are 1.kaka 2.messi 3.neymar 4.muller ronaldo will go to porto in 2015 kaka will not go to psg but will go back to milan with muller

Who is hotter ronaldo or kaka?


Who is better Kaka or Ronaldo?

Kaka and Ronaldo play in slightly different positions so it is difficult to compare the two, although if you look at pure statistics in terms of goals scored, then Ronaldo comes out on top.

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