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On paper it would appear to be Roger Federer and in my honest opinion it's Federer.

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Q: Who is better nadel or federer?
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Who is better nedal or federer?

Federer rules! Federer is much better. P.S It is spelled Nadal not Nadel.

Who do you like federer or nadal?

Roger Federer

Who won the Men's Double Final at the Australian Open Tennis for 2009?

Mike and Bob Bryan

Who is better Roger Federer or Andy Murray?

federer is the best player in all the time . RF is better than murray yes of course

What is the birth name of Raquel Nadel?

Raquel Nadel's birth name is Raquel Rose Nadel.

When did Arthur Nadel die?

Arthur Nadel died in 2012.

When was Arthur Nadel born?

Arthur Nadel was born in 1933.

When did Gedaliah Nadel die?

Gedaliah Nadel died in 2004.

How tall is Matthew Nadel?

Matthew Nadel is 5' 8".

When was Gedaliah Nadel born?

Gedaliah Nadel was born in 1923.

Is Roger Federer better than Rafael Nadal?

Rafa is better by 1%

What nicknames does Raquel Nadel go by?

Raquel Nadel goes by Rocky.