Who is better manning or brady?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Right now Manning is better statistically but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are probably the two best quarterbacks in the game currently

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Brady is better 50 TD's in a single season and 3 superbowl rings!!!

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Q: Who is better manning or brady?
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Who is better Tom Brady or petton manning?

Tom brady

Who is better Tom Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady?

peyton manning does referee ads now tom brady for the win!

Who is better Tom Brady or payto manning?


Who is a better quarterback Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

that is so easy TOM BRADY

If Eli Manning beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning lost to Tom Brady why is Eli Manning not the better quarterback?

It's a team game, it does not revolve around one guy. And besides, both Mannings defeated Brady in the playoffs once.

Is Tom Brady better than manning?

Which manning? If Eli, I would love to say no, but yes. If Peyton, it's probably a tie, but it all depends on how you look at it. GO GIANTS!! ------------------------ Look at it this way, Peyton Manning indeed has the perfect offense yet a horrifyingly terrible defense. Brady had a great offense & a shutdown defense. Of course, Brady has been to & won more super-bowls. However, the one year Brady had an offense just like Manning's 04 offense, he got a 117.2 QB Rating. Just shy of Manning's 121.1 QB Rating. I believe that Manning is forehead up better than Brady.

Who is better manning and brady or brees and favre?

right now it is manning but Brett Farve has the most records because he has been around longer

Who is a better qb Tom Brady Eli Manning?

Right now Matt Shuab and Drew Brees are arguably better.

Who won the debate manning or brady?

Peyton Manning

Who has the most touch downs in a season Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning has 6 NFL individual records and Tom Brady has 2

Who is better Tom Brady or Eli Manning?

tom brady is way better he has 3 super bowls and I DON'T WANT TO HERE ELI MANNING HAS BEATEN TWICE IN THE SUPER BOWL OK!And another thing eli manning has had 1 good year Tom Brady has had a great year since he was a rookie.eli manning has never had a M.V.P.also it took eli manning 8 years to have a good year not even a great year a good year.

Who is better Tom Brady Eli Manning?

This is merely a opinion based queston and can be argued either way