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Manchester United have won more trophies than Tottenham Hostpur in their history.

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Q: Who is better man you or tottenham?
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When was the last tottenham beat man utd?

when is the last time tottenham beat man utd in a league match

Who is going to win preimeire league?

Chelsea because they are better than arsenal,man utd,tottenham,man city and every legue

Who is better Arsenal or Tottenham?

Arsenal is much better

Who is better Chelsea or Tottenham?

Chelsea is definitely better. Chelsea played 184 game vs Tottenham and Chelsea won 85 games 39 games was draw rest of it won Tottenham.

Who is better Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham have played Manchester United 183 times professionally since 1898.Tottenham Hotspur have won - 48 times.Manchester United have won - 86 times.They have drawn 49 times.Based on the fact that Manchester United have won more trophies and games, they are the better team.

Is Tottenham Hotspur better than West Ham United?

No tottenham are a dead team but west ham are fantastic

Is Tottenham better then arsenal?

It all depends on the cups and the skill, and Tottenham has WAY more of both them things then Arsenal. YIDARMY

Which team is better real Madrid or tottenham?

Real Madrid are a better team then Spurs.

What player has played for tottenham and man city?

Emmanuel Adebayor

Is tottenham hotspur better than Manchester unied?

Definitely a matter of opinion but since I'm a yid i have to say that if tottenham aren't better, they're at least close to being on par

Who is better Arsenal or Totenham?

tottenham is the best because arsenal are rubbish

What player has played for tottenham and man city and Liverpool?

Paul Walsh

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